Before we select your Web development platform we need to understand our web site purpose and usage.

  • Business Requirements
  • User Requirements
  • Functional Requirements
  • Quality-of-Service Requirements (Optional)
  • Implementation Requirements

There are a lot of web development platforms. We need to do better research and take good decisions.The decision you make has implications regarding the site’s functionality, development and maintenance costs, the databases it uses, and the servers that host the site. This is a critical fork in the road that really makes you take a hard look at existing company systems and — perhaps most importantly — at the skill set of the team that will be in charge of ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance after the site is launched.

We can get clear idea after considering bellow requirements.

Understand Business requirement is very important to express your business idea for your customers.  You are going to implement your business online. So your customers will connect through your website. There are a lot of customers who visit your websites rather than your local business space.

If your selling product, its better to identify your business website as an eCommerce web site. or your requirement is getting more visitors to your physical location, you can identify your web site as a Normal static web site. Either your providing some service or online service for your customers, you can identify your website as a WEb Application. This is some example to identify your business requirement. After that, you can share your business requirement details with your Web developer.User Requirement is to understand your customers. We have to see our web site for our customer’s eyes.  We can easily imagine this.  We already know how we can promote or provide our service or product to our customers. But customers are coming to our web site to find some details regarding what they actually looking for. So we have to list down the proper way to provide those pieces of information.
This is also a factor in determining how a website should be designed.[/vc_column_text][vc_custom_heading text=”Functional Requirements”][vc_column_text]Functional Requirements is deep topic. But in this article, we talk it to select development platforms. Determining to develop the platform, we have to consider which kind of activities that users can do. As a example you can decide like below.

  • Customer / Users can send inquire email
  • implement chatbox or chatBot
  • backend functions to collect an email list

These are examples of functional requirements. You can design how you can get involved with your users with your web site. Then we can add this to our website plane.

[/vc_column_text][vc_custom_heading text=”Implementation Requirements”][vc_column_text]This part is the most important and most sensible. After considering the previous requirements then only we can come to this part. Now we have an idea about all the requirements for our web site. now its time to design a web development platform. this part called implementation requirement.

There are a lot of ways to Implement our website. Most of the time web developers select a development platform, but the purpose of this article is to select your own web platform and hire your own web developer. You can click this article link and help you to select your own developer.

Decide your own platform. 

If your business is a new startup and has a low budget and less functional requirement or Just promote your business to your customer or index business details to Google. You can choose low cost and free open-source platform. The world most popular opensource platform is WordPress. WordPress helps you to create a website to basic to advanced level. There are many freelancer developers for WordPress development and many free tools for a startup business.  You can develop an awesome website using WordPress free template also you don’t need any developer support. There is official documentation and you can implement your own website. this does not need coding skills or development skills.  If you interest to get a free WordPress development guide comment it on bellow.

IF you need any functional requirements maybe you need to hire a developer. You can easily find freelance developers using can you can get more ideas reading this article.

Let’s discuss how we can select flat from for eCommerce web site or large business module to our web site. This also we can develop using WordPress its depend on the type of your business and your requirement. There are specific plugins to a createE-commerce website like woCommerce. You can talk to your developer and ask develop using your web site using WordPress and wooCommerce. Thare is no extra cost you have to pay only developer cost and domain+ server cost.

Is that Only WordPress ??

WordPress is most poipuler web development platform in mordern world. Its support to all kind of business solutions. its not matter if your business is large or small. you can use this platform evenn your business is fresh.

So lets tolk about another platforms.
Mainly web development platforms are base on programing language. your development  cost also depend on what you choosen programing language.

comparing all plateforms you can get free and open source flateforms base on Php and javascript . If we going forword with this progaming language base flatform
we can find lot od developer with low cost compare other prgraming langauages.

eample  for PHP  ;

Octomber CMS


Example for Java script :

Next Js

Extra Js

Also you can choose framework base on Java or .Net . It will be heavy cost and you have to pay mutch more for this. but these services have grantee and client server supporrt system. If you have payment processing system or some realted to sensable service its better to going forward whith this services. but I recomment to always use open service stff and it will save your cost and relaibale.

This is one of Importent one part for develop web Site. More than that we need to knowlage about selecting domain name and website hosting space. In next article we will tolk about  select  Web Hosting and Domain Name.