This article about web hosting and domain name for your business also In this blog, our purpose is to guide you to handle your own digital services without any external party person or company. But some services required to get support from them. Also, we will guide you to how you can manage those services with them and save your time and extra cost.

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If your regular readers don’t worry about this and you already have this knowledge.Let’s jump to the web hosting and domain name.

Most company owners or business owners don’t have web hosting and domain name ownership. because of those stuff handle by developers. If you hopping about your won website to your company, the first thing you need to do is get web hosting and domain name to under your name.

Afterword its not a matter of change developer and your feel free to get any developer for your own project. Its a really easy process and you have to do only share access details with the developer. Domain Select is the Hart of websites. Your customers are searching for you using this domain name and identify you as using this domain name. In simple words, your brand name is your domain name.

Examples for domain names.

Domain purchasing easy process and you can doit visiting bellow sites. You have to create your own account and then you can pay using your credit/debit card.

I recommend using  It has great support even if you are a non-technical person. also very cheap price compare to the other domain sell and hosting services. anyway, I will share another article about all these domain selling sites. But here is the super easy and great option to achieve our target.We will share some of the tips to select your domain name..

If you doing some comparative business or website for your existing business it’s better to select  .com domain.



If your website fr government or some other organization like nonprofit. It really helps to use “.org” domain name.It identified you as an organization when doing SEO (Search Engine optimization).


Are you looking to target some other specific country for your business, you can use country base domain names. as an example if you wants to start a business in Australia and its wonts to target people who live in Australia. You can easily select the country base domain name.

electing hosting service is different from selecting domain names. hosting space is like the land we build our house .we need to review what service and what kind of technologies we have we selecting webserver/web host.

This article for those who start a new business or fresh person for the business website. So we going forward with PHP and javascript base web site. This type of website is more efficient and can use for small to large businesses.

As per previous, we talk about Namecheap.  Namecheap is the best option for a new website. We already describe that you can easily select your own web hosting service. We think now you have clear idea about selecting a website hosting service and domain name. You don’t need to get any other support for those services. Now you can purchase your own domain and host. we already guide you to select your own platform and way to select some other developer. you can try those things. Its time to get your business to the next level. Feel free to reply to your comments. If you have anything feel free to helps you.

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